Seniors Ministry

Salt Ministry

S.A.L.T. is our church’s response to the large and growing number of older adults here at the First Baptist Church of Okemos and in the different communities we serve.  Senior adults are vitally important to our church.  Within this group can be found precious resources vital to the health and growth of our church program: wisdom, experience, traditions, stability, spiritual maturity, financial resources, time, and love for their church and church family.
The church recognizes the tremendous contribution senior adults have already made during their lifetime.  However, S.A.L.T. also recognizes the great ministry potential that still resides in this group.  Our ministry is not only focused on ministry to seniors but ministry from seniors as well.
Senior adults are currently one of the fastest growing age groups in America; and a person now can spend as much as one-third of his or her life in retirement or a second career.  An active senior program gives opportunity to translate potentially passive years into years of service and activity.
S.A.L.T. can create a fresh image of those who have passed their 55th birthday, for within them we find a deep pool of resources and skill, vitality and usefulness.

Overall, the purpose of our S.A.L.T. Ministry is to be a Christ-centered ministry that will address the spiritual, educational, and social needs of church members and friends age 55 and older; to be available to assist in church needs and the potential for reaching out to the community.

SALT Outreach

 What are some of the activities and events of our S.A.L.T. Ministry?
  • Luncheons with a Guest Speaker
  • Valentine’s Day Luncheon
  • Annual Christmas Gathering
  • Missions Projects Including:
    •   AWANA
    • Child Evangelism Fellowship
    • Forgotten Man Ministries
    • Youth Haven Ranch
    • Various Missionaries