New Sermon Series

In his book Follow Me, David Platt notes that “research reveals that there is an ever increasing number of born-again Christians who describe themselves as only marginally committed to Jesus Christ”. He illustrates this by pointing out that in Jamaica – a country described as almost 100% Christian and which boasts of having the highest number of churches per square mile -there are few self-professed Christians that attend church or attempt to live a consistent Christian life.
This indicates to me that although believers may claim to be “followers of Christ” there is much fuzzy and jumbled thinking about what this means and entails. Exactly how and why this has happened is not entirely clear. But, it could be that we have not spent enough time considering what “following” and being a disciple is really all about.
In the next few month we will be digging into Luke 9:51 -19:27 in order to Discover the Direction of Discipleship.
As we consider this important section of Scripture it is our hope that we will come to a greater and deeper understanding of the nature of following Jesus and the character of a devoted follower.
We encourage you to read and reflect on this portion of Scripture throughout the coming months. Over the course of these months we will also suggest various books (which can be found in our library) to read that address the topic(s) of following and discipleship.
We recommend: 
David Platt:

Radical and Follow Me

Kyle Idleman:

Not A Fan

Pastor Dave